Personal Trainer

In his coaching career over the past few years, Coach Ruben is good at designing exclusive training programs and diets for students, successfully assisting them in reaching their fitness goals. Coach Ruben hopes that students can establish a variety of healthy habits step by step from their busy lives, and only a practical and long-term plan can bring about permanent transformation, instead of easily regaining fats, re-injuring or giving up halfway.

Coach Ruben believes that different fitness goals, whether physique transformation, pain relief or enhancing sports performance, need to be based on science, not bro science. Therefore, Coach Ruben will first use various tests to find out the students' pain problems and include corrective exercises to the training program. In addition to using advanced machines to find out the student's body composition ratio, Coach Ruben will also record the students' training intensity and volume in detail every week and review the students' diet, so as to track the progress scientifically with objective data.

Ruben AC