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Anti-Aging Training Program

People have reached the golden age, and they already have a great career and sustainable income. However, you have found that your body condition is getting worse when you read the body check report which reveals that many physical data exceed the standard level. Establishing the habit of exercise is the key to improve the quality of life, and enjoying life in the future.

Reduce the chance of long-term illness
Many people in their golden years are affected by their careers and families, and their BMI exceeds the normal range due to insufficient exercise and excessive eating habits, and they are prone to many long-term diseases. A study by the American Heart and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Association pointed out that regular endurance training not only effectively reduces the chance of developing high blood pressure but also reduces cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Better Quality of Life
Having a strong body not only reduces the chance of long-term diseases but also effectively improves the quality of life. If you can easily squat down and get up without dizziness, you can walk for a long time without foot or knee pain, and you can maintain your balance even on wet and slippery ground. What's more, if you want to go to a tourist attraction, such as Mount Fuji, you can only reach the top by walking. Having a pair of strong legs allows you to easily reach the top of the mountain and take pictures.

Look Younger
Research shows that exercise not only increases the metabolic rate, slows down the aging of the body, but also releases endorphins to make people happy. Thus, exercise helps improves people's spirit and mind younger. Having a regular exercise habit, the body becomes strong and healthy which makes you look younger than your peers.