MK Health And Performance values and cares about the health of each client.  Only if we have a healthy body, we can work towards the ideal body shape and lifestyle we want, or get better in any sports performance.  In addition to helping clients achieve their ideal body shape, we incorporate different posture correction training and body strengthening training to efficiently work towards their ideal body shape and effectively reduce their muscle pain.

We use scientific and systematic methods to train our clients so that clients can interpret objective data to understand their body structure, the speed of their movement, and the height of their bounce, etc.  This method empowers the client to significantly improve the sports performance and track their improvements and progression based on reliable data.

Our Missions and Goals
  1. Improve Client’s Health
  2. Help Clients to Achieve Their Ideal Body Shape
  3. Relieve Body Pain
  4. Prevent the Risk of Injury
  5. Improve Athletic Performance