Personal Trainer|Strength & Conditioning Coach|Sports Therapist

With an extensive background of being a long-distance runner in high school as well as spending most of his time at the gym in university. MK eventually become a personal trainer and S&C Coach after obtaining a Strength and Conditioning master’s degree certificate in the UK in 2017. After graduation, MK had undertaken the S&C coaching role in different athletic sports settings such as the Hong Kong Rugby Union and Hong Kong Baseball Association.

In 2019, Coach MK was chosen by the Society of Sports Therapists to undertake a sports therapist academic exchange at the Duke University in the US for 2 weeks. That provides MK an in-depth insight into sports therapy programs as well as empowers him the ability to evaluate the injury level of a client quickly and accurately.

Paired with the experience and knowledge MK has gained from the academic exchange, MK aims to utilize his ability to improve the clients' health and performance from diverse backgrounds such as athletes, elderlies, or people who suffer from various muscle injuries that affect their daily life in the past.


Personal Trainer

Coach Ruth has a deep understanding of women’s needs and knows how to help students improve their health. Whether it is due to incorrect posture at work or housework, which leads to muscle fatigue, back pain, neck pain, etc., and can all be improved by stretching through exercise.

For scoliosis problems, Coach Ruth can also set up a targeted training plan for students with mild scoliosis, whether they are adolescents or adult women. They can help through corresponding sports training as relax the muscles, strengthen the muscles around the spine, strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles, protect the spine and stabilize the trunk, to improve the problems caused by scoliosis such as high and low shoulders, cold back, back pain, and nerve paralysis.


Personal Trainer|Sports Therapist

Coach Ryan completed the bachelor’s degree and got the Sports Therapist qualification in 2019. Besides, he also studied for a master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Health Science at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for more understanding about sports injuries. He had worked in manual therapy and rehabilitation studio which specializes in hands-on stretching and sports massage for treating musculoskeletal problems. He applies his knowledge and skills to elite sports athletes, sports lovers, and the general public. He realized most of the general public are suffered from different discomfort as long hours sitting at work and poor postures. His philosophy is that people should move freely and manage any challenges physically anytime to achieve work-life balance.

  • Sports Therapy support for Hong Kong Rugby 7s
  • Sports Therapy Support for Hong Kong Soccer 7s
  • On-field Sports Therapy Support for The Hong Kong Beach 5s
  • Sports Therapy support for Hong Kong ITF Junior Tournament
  • Sports Therapy for Hong Kong Rugby Union (National Team 15s)
  • Sports Therapist in rehabilitation studio (Stretching/Sports Massage)
  • Clinical placement at Physiotherapy Clinic (Sports Therapy Session)
  • Rehabilitation and recovery support for Hong Kong Cricket First Team
  • On-field Sports Therapy Support for Hong Kong Football Club (Football Session)