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Athletes Strength and Conditioning Training

Strength and Conditioning (S&C)training utilities various exercises to develop a wide range of skills like mobility, stability, strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, and sports-specific conditioning. It generally aims to help people improve their athletic performance on the pitch. Besides, it also helps to reduce the injury risk and build up an athletic performance like jumping, shooting, and batting mechanics.

Strength and Conditioning coaches are different from the personal trainers and group exercise instructors, the clients that S&C coaches work with are mainly focused on enhancing sports performance or skill in their sports. Additionally, S&C coaches incorporate different kinds of exercises in a training session as clients have to do the pre-habilitation exercises, power exercises, and some agility work. For example, overhead sports athletes like baseball and volleyball have to integrate some shoulder injury prevention programs into the regular S&C training to reduce the risk of shoulder injuries.

Additionally, S&C coaches usually integrate sports-specific conditioning training into clients’ training as it will increase the tolerance of clients to their sports. For instance, soccer players usually do high-intensity repetitive and multidirectional sprinting to enhance their sports performance.