Corporation / Organization
Health and Wellness Service

We have heard and understand the needs of different kinds of organizations, we provide a tailored made health and wellness proposal to deliver the professional consultation and assessment service. We are pleased to assist you to develop the knowledge of health and wellness for your employees and clients.

Tailored-made Corporate/Organization Exercise Class
Our professional coaches will discuss with you the needs of the employees and clients before the exercise class. Depending on the needs of organizations, we can arrange and reserve time slots to deliver tailored-made regular exercise classes to your employees and clients that reach your goals in the future.

Corporate/Organization Exercise Experience Day
We provide various kinds of group classes, health tests, physical fitness examinations, etc. during the experience day. We aim to let clients can understand their physical conditions and develop an awareness of health through various tests. Besides, our coaches will base on the result of tests compare the standard of the normal range that provide appropriate exercise advice to clients. An experience day is a good start to let beginners get a taste of exercise and joy from exercise.

Corporate/Organization Stretching and Massage Experience Day
We provide in-house stretching and massage experience day to different organizations that can help your employees and clients relieve tight muscles due to overuse muscle problems.

Health and Exercises Specific Talk and Workshop
We aim to let the general public and organizations understand the relationship between exercise and health which understand the importance of health. Therefore, we provide in-house health and exercise-specific talks and workshops to your place, which include pain problems, health, exercise, nutrition, stretching, etc.