TRIAL $380 / 60 mins

Sports Massage

We provide top-quality soft tissue massage/sports massage & remedial massage in town. We care about the needs of people who have suffered from tight muscles all the time. You can get outstanding massage service to recover from the work and intensive sports training. Our therapists worked in different clinics and participated in different major sports events in Hong Kong.

Benefits of Benefits of sports massage:

  1. Maintain healthy muscles
    The maintenance of healthy muscles involves keeping the availability of oxygen and nutrients for the muscles. Massage can bring physiological effects such as increased capillarization, the removal of waste products, increased oxygenation.

  2. Maximize performance
    Massage is often the key for clients to boost up their recovery and maximize their performance in their daily life. To sports lovers, massage can help them prevent muscle fatigue easily, weakening and injury. There is a range of physiological effects that bring to clients, like:
    • Increased muscle temperature
    • Increased lymphatic drainage
    • Increased oxygenation

  3. Injury prevention
    Soft-tissue massage increases the temperature of collagen fibers, making it easier for them to be broken down. Breaking down adhesions increases the range of movement around the joints and relieves muscle tightness to help prevent injury.

  4. Improved recovery
    Muscles can become damaged for different kinds of reasons like overuse, injury, and surgery. When muscles cannot recover very well due to poor circulation, muscle fatigue, build-up of tension, and swelling, it may cause pain and affect your quality of life. Soft-tissue massage can improve recovery through the process of improved blood circulation, improved lymphatic flow, and decreased muscle tension.