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Sports Stretching

A sedentary lifestyle often occurs in Hong Kong, such as working, studying and watching movies, etc. Maintaining a long-term single or rigid posture can cause muscle tension; passive stretching can effectively relieve your muscle discomfort or pain syndromes, reduce your daily routine pressure and life-accumulated physical stress and its impact on health in the long run.

Benefits of passive stretching:

  1. Relieve muscle soreness or low back pain
    Long-term single or rigid posture, or repetitive movements, such as running, hiking can increase muscle tension; coupled with little stretching exercise, the muscles are excessively tightened up and cause pain. Passive stretching is a great way to relieve instant or long-term accumulated muscle soreness from daily activities.

  2. Improve flexibility (Range of motion) of joints and mobility
    Regular passive stretching can help your body increase flexibility, which helps improve the range of motion of your joints when you exercise. Imagine that you have been sitting for a long time without stretching your muscles. Someday you might pick up something heavy kinds of stuff on the floor and run after the bus, you might get injured as the muscles are underactive and weak. Passive stretching can help you increase your flexibility and the increased range of motion in your joints reduces the risk of injuries!

  3. Restore posture
    Sitting or standing with a poor posture normally can cause muscle imbalances. At this point, passive stretching is useful to relieve tight muscle groups that are caused by incorrect posture, and also remind yourself to pay attention to your posture anytime, anywhere!

  4. Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism
    Most people lower their head while using computers and mobile for a long time might eventually lead the poor blood circulation of the neck muscles. Therefore, stretching the muscles near the neck can increase the blood flow of the muscles, and more blood flow allows the blood to better transport nutrients, and improves the metabolic rate of the body!

  5. Relieve stress
    Muscles are tensed up due to physical and emotional stress. Recent studies have shown that passive stretching can help you relieve tight muscles and emotional stress.