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Weight Management

No matter you are the general public, sports lover, or athlete, reaching and maintaining optimal body weight is important for overall health. Besides, it helps you to prevent and control many diseases. We will provide scientific ways to assist you to manage your body weight. The scientific way will make your progress visible, efficient, and easier.

Weight/Fat Loss
Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the risk factors of overweight and they rank fourth and fifth in the leading cause of all death in Hong Kong.

We can distribute a systematic and progressive weight loss program to all fitness levels clients. We also provide diet suggestions and smartphone applications that assist and monitor the weight loss progress. You are not just coming for weight loss but also learning nutrition knowledge. Building up a regular exercise and diet habit can contribute to your long-term health.

Weight/muscle gain
For the general public, there are few risk factors if they are underweighting that may affect their long-term health.

Underweight Person is more likely to have low blood counts, known as anemia, which easily causes dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.

Being underweight increases the risk of osteoporosis, which is where the bones are brittle and more prone to bone fracture.

Irregular period
Underweight women may not have regular periods because of nutrient deficiency. They may find menstruation stops or an adolescent’s first period may be delayed or absent.

Athletes in some contact sports, such as basketball and rugby, increased muscle mass has been proven that can effectively enhance sports performance. In addition, adequate muscle mass can prevent injury at a certain level as muscle can be a buffer for supporting soft tissues and bone during external impact, like body contact and internal loading, like jumping repetitions. We can keep effectively tracking your muscle gain to improve your health status and sports performance, especially in the off-season phase.