Personal Trainer|Strength & Conditioning Coach|Sports Therapist

With an extensive background of being a long-distance runner in high school as well as spending most of his time at the gym in university. MK eventually become a personal trainer and S&C Coach after obtaining a Strength and Conditioning master’s degree certificate in the UK in 2017. After graduation, MK had undertaken the S&C coaching role in different athletic sports settings such as the Hong Kong Rugby Union and Hong Kong Baseball Association.

In 2019, Coach MK was chosen by the Society of Sports Therapists to undertake a sports therapist academic exchange at the Duke University in the US for 2 weeks. That provides MK an in-depth insight into sports therapy programs as well as empowers him the ability to evaluate the injury level of a client quickly and accurately.

Paired with the experience and knowledge MK has gained from the academic exchange, MK aims to utilize his ability to improve the clients' health and performance from diverse backgrounds such as athletes, elderlies, or people who suffer from various muscle injuries that affect their daily life in the past.